If you couldn’t guess Fall is absolutely my very favorite season ever and so I thought I would put together a list of activities that you can do with your little ones during this season! I honestly never did things things until I had a child and now couldn’t imagine not spending Fall hunting for beauty and collecting all the pumpkins!

10 Fall Activities to do With Kids :

1. Apple Picking! This was something I did as a child and you can read more about that HERE but we went apple picking! Now there wasn’t a farm close to us it was a bit of a drive but the easiest way to see if there are any farms around you is to just Google it! I found three farms about an hour away and we had a beautiful day drinking apple cider, eating donuts, and of course picking all the apples!

2. Make caramel apples! This one clearly follows apple picking and is something we actually didn’t do this year because Jessamyn is a bit too young but I found THIS awesome tutorial and if all else fails Whole Foods always has the lovelies caramel apples for sale!

3. Go on a nature hunt! This is actually a relatively new idea we tried for the first time this year but it was so fun! I found the cutest little baskets at Target for a dollar and so we bought a few and headed out into the woods to collect pinecones and the biggest most beautiful Fall leaves we could find. Jessamyn was so proud of all her nature finds and had the best time collecting little mementos of Fall. The best part with this one is that minus the basket it is completely free!

4. Watch some cheesy Halloween movies! There is nothing better than say eating your caramel apples (maybe some popcorn) and cuddling up on the couch as a family! You can find some kid friendly optins HERE and Netflix always has some really great choices too!

5. Go for a drive! You can see more of our mountain drive HERE! Every year though since back when Ben and I were dating we have always gone on a drive up to watch the aspens change color! it is one of the most magical experiences that I look forward to every year and if you can escape for a moment and go find some mountain color I highly recommend it! If you are in Colorado HERE is a resource for the best places to see Colorado’s Fall colors!

6. Go to the zoo! This one surprised me a little because I mean… its the zoo not something I generally associate with Fall but our zoo and many zoo’s do a harvest festival or other fun day for kids to go dressed in costume and interact with the animals! Jessamyn is a bit to your to go trick or treating so the zoo has become our perfect non scary alternative for some Fall fun! If you are wondering if your zoo is doing anything the best place to look would be their event page or our zoo has a fun news letter they send out monthly that lets me know what activities are available that month!

7. Jump in all the leaves! This activity is both a chore… as your front or back yard will thank you, and tons of fun for your little ones! We are getting ready to do this later this week and I cannot wait to watch Jessamyn jump again and again into a pile of leaves… yes it does mean you probably have to rake the yard twice but the memories created are totally worth it!

8. Have a bonfire! There is nothing that says Fall more than s’mores and hot chocolate. There is something about those chilly nights and the crackling of a fire that just screams Fall and you can never go wrong when graham crackers and chocolate are involved! Plus some stores even have pumpkin flavored marshmallows which is totally amazing as far as I am concerned!

9. Maybe most importantly go to a pumpkin patch! This might look like your local garden center, a full blown farm with pumpkins galore, or just the neighborhood grocery store selection of pumpkin… whatever the case go! Let your littles one pick one out, or two… or all of them. There is something so fun about watching them search for that perfect one and the joy of bringing that pumpkin home.

10. Carve, paint, but whatever you do decorate some pumpkins! Jessamyn isn’t even quite two and so for us it is going to look like some paint and markers for the outside of her pumpkin… maybe your kids are a bit bigger though and can handle carving out their own pumpkin. Most importantly bake those seeds and have a great family evening together! You can find some pumpkin decorating ideas HERE and a pumpkin seed recipe HERE.

As always if you have any other ideas or suggestions I would LOVE to hear how you celebrate Fall! Oh and I didn’t mention it in the 10 but if you haven’t yet bake something pumpkin because seriously this is the season!!

This article was originally published on This Little Wandering. You can follow them on Instagram here!