6 tips to foster healthy independence in your darling dependents.

​1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Nothing is more crucial for letting your little one develop independence than showing them the respect they deserve as a human. This means really listening to their position, taking their feelings into account, and admitting when you are wrong. By showing them respect, you are building the foundation of them being able to trust themselves and develop their own sense of intuition that they get used to following. Parents who do not respect their children can end up steam-rolling over their child’s budding self-esteem.

2. A strong emotional base. When children are given a strong emotional base, they feel more confident venturing out into the unknown, which in turn, will create more independence. This means always being there for them as a rock of unconditional love and unwavering protection. From this base of emotional fullness and health, they are much more likely to feel stronger on their own. Children who do NOT have a strong emotional base, tend to seek this out as a prime directive in life, and this emotion lack can cause dependence in your child’s future relationships.

3. Let YOUR ego die. As parents, we often think we are right and that we can push our views on to our children. This is where you have to let your ego die and realize you are only here to help these little humans find their own optimal path through life, not force your own path on them. As you let you your ego die, you are able to more fully be of service to your children. This will help them build their own independent core based in service rather than ego.

4. Let them learn from their mistakes. A mistake is an exciting opportunity to teach something. Take mistakes as a chance to teach children valuable life lessons, instead of punishing them for mistakes. This will teach your children how to move much more effectively and cautiously through life, while maintaining a positive relationship with you. Processing these life lessons positively will foster your child’s independence, where as punishing them for mistakes will only teach them to fear you and fear telling you the truth about their actions.

5. Trust them – They are wiser than you know. By trusting their instincts and letting them follow through with their own intuition, you are showing them how to trust themselves, and thus they will be a lot more inclined toward free-thinking and independence. Without a healthy trust in themselves, a human will always need someone else to guide them.

​6. Energetic Shielding – Whenever I am fearful in letting my child explore independently in a given situation, I call in my spirit team. The angels and guides have your back and they can help from the other side in keeping our families safe. Call them in, and shield your children (using an energetic shielding meditation). and this can help you know that your child is safe when they are out asserting their independence. You can also teach your child how to protect themselves energetically, which will help them feel more independent and you feel more confident.

What are some ways you have helped your little ones feel more independent? Let us know in the comments!

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