I don’t know why they call it morning sickness because as the vast majority of mamas who suffer from nausea during pregnancy will tell you – it could strike you down at any stage! From experience, I know it is exhausting.

Try a few of our tips below from Sydney based nutritionist – Jessica Smouha.

Holistic treatment for morning sickness

-Ginger is well know for it’s anti nausea… add plenty to your food or add a wedge of ginger to boiling water and make fresh ginger tea.
-Vitamin B6 deficiency is often indicated for morning sickness, foods high in this nutrient include spinach, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, chicken light meat, wild salmon, avocados and bananas.
-Plenty of healthy fats with each meal to keep blood sugar levels stable, this includes avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, oily cold water fish, nuts and seeds.
-Eat smaller meals more frequently as this takes the pressure off your stomach, the same goes with liquids. Be sure to keep your fluid intake up by sipping frequently.
-Bone broths are a fabulous way of keeping your liquid intake up, maintaining your nutrient intake including your electrolytes, and taking the burden off your digestive system. They are a fabulous option when your morning sickness, aka all day sickness, is putting you off your meal! Add some ginger to help with the nausea, quinoa noodles for a complete protein fix and some vegetables for the full nutrient hit!
-Adding fruit and some vegetables to your water might make it more appealing, some ideas are strawberries, apple, citrus, cucumber, mint and ginger.
-If you have been vomiting or unable to eat, add a sprinkle of rock salt to your water to increase absorption.
-Acupuncture has been found to be clinically useful in treating morning sickness.

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