Allow your children to travel in style with this amazing Batmobile suitcase. This awesome suitcase is not just any normal suitcase, OH no. This suitcase doubles as am amazing toy that they can play with while on vacation or any other time that they feel like playing with an amazing giant toy car. It comes with four wheels, so your child can push and pull this like any normal toy car but it’s big enough and durable enough that if they want to sit on top and pretend they are batman you can say go for it!


It provides you with enough space to pack your child’s clothes, toys, books, etc. on your trip and can be pulled either by a traditional luggage handle on it’s back wheels or they can drag it along on all four wheels and impress all the other children at the airport.

batmobile-kids-travel-case-2 batmobile-kids-travel-case-3


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