Female empowerment is what it’s all about. And it’s about time. Gone are the days when a girl was expected to shrink and stay on the sidelines. 2018 is seeing a rise in the female voice and everyone is witnessing a monumental shift. So where does it begin? Where, when and how does a little girl grow into woman knowing of her unbelievable power? Well, I believe it starts as soon as a child can talk, can make decisions, can make a noise. I also believe it is fostered though the experiences she has and even the consumer products she buys. Every time a little girl decides what to wear, what to purchase, how to portray herself in the world, she is making a statement about who she really is.

I recently was honored to fly to Chicago with my daughter and spend three days at the Claire’s headquarters. When I thought of Claire’s, I thought of fun accessories and ear piecing’s. I was excited for my daughter to have fun with the Claire’s team and create the same memories I had as I child. I wasn’t expecting much more. Well, was I wrong. The minute I met with the Claire’s team I knew that this company was so much more than neon accessories and fluffy toys. They were on a relentless mission to empower young girls though every product bought. Claire’s believes in real girls and a healthy attitude towards beauty and body image. No campaign is altered in any way. Claire’s also promotes diversity and equality and partners with charities where it has donated, in the last 5 years, 14 million dollars. They also adhere to the European safety standards which are incredibly stricter than that of the United States.

I was surprised and so excited that the company that I had always loved as a child had such a belief and mission to empower young girls, keep them safe and give back. For me as a mother of a daughter that was music to my ears.

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