Cake toppers are really trendy right now. They have a way of making a simple cake look really special. I am going to tell you how to make a simple, elegant cake topper for any occasion. Everything you need can be found at your local craft store. Look in the wood crafts sections and you will find little words and pictures. Numbers can be used for birthdays or anniversaries and words like “love” can be used for bridal showers or weddings. There are lots of options so this is your chance to get creative! Keep the size of your cake in mind, you don’t want to end up with a topper that is too big or small for your cake.

What you need:

-Your choice of small wooden words or shapes
-Acrylic paint
-Tacky glue
-Long wooden skewers

-Mod Podge


1. The first step in making your topper is to paint the words and shapes you have chosen. You can paint them a solid color or make an intricate design, how it looks is all up to you. I like to keep mine clean and simple for a professional look. Allow to dry.
2. As an optional step, you can use glitter to coat some or all of your shapes. To do this, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to one side before sprinkling glitter. Let the shape dry, turn it over, and repeat. After one coat on each side the glitter may look sparse. You can repeat this step until it is coated to your liking. Be sure to allow it to dry completely between coats.
3. To seal the glitter, apply a coat of clear Mod Podge and allow to dry. Test to make sure all the glitter is sealed in by running a finger across your shapes. If any glitter comes off you may want to add another coat. You don’t want glitter falling on your cake!
4. To finish your topper, first arrange your pieces how you like them and glue them to each other. Next, glue the pieces to the wooden skewer using tacky glue. Once dry, insert into the top of your cake and admire your custom cake topper!