As someone who has put off hopping onto dating apps with the hope of meeting my significant other the “old fashioned” way,  you can believe me when I say that I was more than reluctant when a friend told me how much success and how much fun she was having on Badoo. I hate to admit it when I say that I was a little jealous when I would hear about all the great guys she was meeting and I was definitely more than upset that I wasn’t the one meeting them.

But I still didn’t want to join a dating app. I was above that.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

Curiosity got the best of me and that night I decided to do some research. I found out that Badoo has over 360 million users on it worldwide (to put it in perspective that’s more than the US population), making it the largest dating app in the world. Larger than Tinder and Bumble. The app was free to download and use (although you can pay for some of their premium features) and after watching a few videos and reading a couple of articles it seemed very user friendly.

So I signed up.

Immediately I started matching with people in my area. I was able to chat with them, see full size images, check out instagram pages, etc. In the short time that I have been on the app (one month) I have gone on more dates and met more people than I have in the last year.

The first date I went on through the app I was suuuper nervous. I drank a glass of wine beforehand, hopped in my Lyft and immediately ordered another glass once we sat down. Fortunately for me, he was also a wine lover, and things started to relax. We clicked almost immediately. We found out that we’re both from the Midwest, we both never had pets growing up, and we talked forever about our favorite TV shows. It was a great night and I started feeling better about this whole “meeting people through an app” idea.

I approached the second date a lot more calm than the first. Having done it once before I felt confident because I realized that I had matched with all of these guys based on common interests. I knew I would be going into the date knowing that we had something in common and this put my mind at ease. We decided to be tourists in our own city for this date, which was his idea, and I loved it. Guys, I definitely suggest doing this for your next date. We spent the afternoon on a city tour bus around Hollywood listening to the history of things like the Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, which celebrities have lived where, etc. and the whole time we would share stories about the places we’ve been to in the area, what it was like when we first moved to Los Angeles, and how much the tourist destinations in Hollywood were not that spectacular… We ended up wanting to hang out longer than planned so we drove to the Santa Monica Pier, to continue with the tourist theme, and watched the sunset from the Ferris Wheel (swoon).

The most recent date I went on was great but since I was still on a high from my second date I didn’t really want to get into anything serious with this guy. Which worked out perfectly for me. We met up for margaritas and I knew immediately that this would be someone that I wanted to be friends with but definitely didn’t want to date. He reminded me so much of my older brother, who I love, but I could not get that thought out of my head when he kissed me goodnight…you can’t win ‘em all.

I can now join in my friends conversations about all the new and exciting experiences they are having in regards to dating.

Badoo is so easy and so convenient I’m a little upset that it took me so long to join.

As someone who was once stubborn about meeting people the old fashioned way, take the risk and try it out.

Oh. And by the way, I’m currently getting ready to go on date #3 with guy number 2.  : )