I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of flying on a Private Jet!  It’s one of those bucket list items that you have that you don’t ever expect to tick off, but man wouldn’t it be something if you could? Well, with JetSuiteX, they are making all sorts of dreams come true!! You can charter their planes just for you and your party, or fly commercial (at virtually the same price as competing airlines) with the experience and service of private!! You don’t believe me? Head to their site and type in your destination and check out the deals!  If you’re looking to book a flight to Vegas a month from now you can get a ticket as low as $99 one way.

Let me take you on a little journey of my day using this service.  My driver (uber that is) drove me right up to the JetSuiteX hanger. There was no airport traffic congestion, there were virtually no cars since it’s off in its own hanger area at Burbank Airport I walked in, there was a desk straight ahead and handed them my ID.  They printed my boarding pass and I was ready to get on the plane. YUP, that’s it! No lines, ZERO hassle you’re simply on your way.  I felt like I was in an alternate universe, this can’t be real?  But it was, I sat down and used their free wifi as I waited to board the plane.  Upon boarding, we were greeted with a smile and served drinks and snacks, for no additional cost, say what?  When you’re so used to flying and paying for every additional add on this experience was a breath of fresh air! This is unlike any other airline I’ve ever flown, and I travel a lot!!


Our destination was Napa, for the first ever #WineWednesday which was basically a bunch of writers and bloggers going on a glamorous adventure together on a jet to Napa.  Dreams do come true!! This was the greatest Wednesday of my life. I got to fly child free which I haven’t done in 4 years, and go drink in the middle of the week.  Pinch me, I still can’t believe it!

If you happen to take a journey to Napa via JetsuiteX the next thing you NEED to do is go to Which Winery www.whichwinery.com, which will curate your trip exactly to your needs and preferences.  Their website is amazing and super user friendly. You just type your destination and  head over to the filters and put in your preferences such as “has a view”, “good with kids”, “able to purchase wine”, etc and it lists all of the wineries which will best suit your needs.  I should also note it’s global so you can use it no matter where you’re headed!

While in Napa, Which Wineries took us on an adventure to Raymond Vineyards, which was perfect for our group of bloggers, influencers and writers.  This vineyard was full of amazing photo opportunities, including the most chic rooms adorned with crystals and chandeliers, to their outside “frame” art installation with a gorgeous view of wine country.  But beyond that, there were tons of experiences offered with my favorite being their “Winemaker for a Day” where you can blend and bottle your own wine and add your very own label.  Oh and did I mention Raymond Vineyards is home to John Legend’s exclusive LVE wine? It was divine!

Next, we headed to Liana Estates, which was super elegant. Their staff walked right up to our car and greeted us with the warmest welcome and a glass of champagne!  This place was calm and elegant with the most serene view.  I felt so relaxed here, the décor was so chic and cozy and the wine was fabulous. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to move in permanently!

Talk about the perfect day trip out of the city to recharge.  Forget driving to wine country, indulge yourself in luxury for a shockingly low price with JetSuiteX, and take the pain out of planning by allowing Which Winery to plan the wine tour of your dreams for you.  Napa has never been so easy, or so chic!



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