Raise your hand if you feel like Christmas was just here and then all of a sudden you blinked and the kids are on a break again. If you find yourself scrambling for last minute activities to do with your kids during spring break we are here to help!

Here are 5 things you can do this spring break:

Spend a day “camping” in your backyard

Weather permitting, spend a day doing camp activities in the comfort of your backyard. Make s’mores, play in the hose, set up a tent, tell each other ghost stories, and if your kids are up for it sleep outside that night. This is a great way to stay outside all day long and to keep your kids off of their electronics.

Have an arts and crafts day

Head to the dollar store and buy a bunch of paint, coloring books, and whatever else you can find in their art section and let your kids go crazy. Tell them that at the end of the day the living room will turn into their personal art gallery where they can walk you through what each piece is and why they created it. Celebrate their hard work with a little reception after the gallery.

Pajama and movie day

Let your kids stay in their pajamas all day long and curl up on the couch watching their favorite movies. Make popcorn together, order pizza for dinner, and spend the day with each other. (This is the perfect option if you find yourself with a rainy day over break!)

Be a tourist in your own city

Go do all of the tourist-y things you only allow yourself to do when relatives come in town to visit. Go to that art museum, eat at that famous restaurant, go to the beach that everyone goes too. It’s nice to remind yourself why other people find your city interesting and fun. Tourist attractions are attractions for a reason.

Let your kids decide what you do

Ask your kids what they want to do for the day. Whatever it is (within reason) just say yes. If you have more than one kid, take turns with who gets to choose. They want to go to a movie, great. They want to go play at the park, awesome. They want to get ice cream for lunch, today it’s allowed. Let yourself live through your kid’s eyes and you will have the best time.

Have something you love doing with your kids on their break? Let us know what they are in the comments below!