I have such mixed emotions writing this right now.  My baby is graduating from Preschool this Friday! He’ll have his little cap and gown and a celebration with his class.  I feel like he just started school and here I am preparing for his very first graduation.  I’m looking back at the pictures of him heading off to his very first day of school thinking about how much he’s grown physically, and how much he’s matured emotional over this year.  And I’m actually really excited for this summer to spend some quality time with him again and to have him with me all day.

But I’m also really scared!  He’s so used to being with a group of his friends all day, but at home he’s an only child.  So I really needed to start thinking of a game plan for this summer, for both of our sanity.

So here’s how I plan to survive having my child home for 3 full months while I juggle all other aspects of my life:


Whether your child is an only child like mine, or they have siblings, it’s super important to stay connected with their friends over the summer.  I plan on having a lot of playdates at my house, the park, a beach, wherever so he doesn’t get lonely over the next few months.


Summer is the perfect time to visit family, or to have family come visit you and help out.  So start letting your family members know that you’d like some company this summer or that you’re going to head out to see them!  This is a great alternative for a week or two over pricey summer camps and nanny’s.  Plus there’s nothing like some quality time for your little ones with grandma and/or grandpa to spoil them and take them off your hands!


Plan your family vacation during this time of year so you avoid pulling your child out of school during the school year while they are learning.  You can go somewhere far, you can visit family or you can do a staycation.  But summer is the perfect time of year to reconnect with your family, take a break from work and just relax for a week or two!


Plan trips around town and explore your local museums, look into special events going on in your area over the summer, head to the beach, try new restaurants.  In LA one of our local museums has Jazz music in the evenings and it’s the perfect place to have a picnic and hang with friends so make sure you check out your local blogs and papers for events near you.


Take time to set up a few activities each week at home that prepares your child for the next grade level he or she is going into.  You can find tons of resources on Pinterest just by typing “Kindergarten activities at home” for example.  There’s seriously nothing you can’t find on Pinterest, I’m addicted!


Some of my best memories as a kid were the awesome summer camps my parents signed me up for.  One year my parents sent me to Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania, a sleep away summer camp for gymnastics.  As a Canadian that didn’t get to travel that much as a kid, this was by far the greatest thing my parents ever saved up to do for me.  I’ll never forget those 2 weeks where I get to meet Olympians that I had forever idolized on my TV.  I’m literally getting teary eyed thinking about my time at this camp! So don’t underestimate the value of camps and the joy that your child will have going to them during the summer.  This is one of the greatest parts about summer!

I think the most important part about surviving 3 months of no school is to just prepare in advance.  Book your travels in advance, have friends and family visit you during these months, sign up for camps now and know the types of the activities you want to do at home and buy the supplies before you need them.  If you prepare in advance it will be easier to balance everything you have going on this summer; work, cook, clean, take care of little human beings, the list goes on and on.  Have a safe and enjoyable summer and let us know if there’s anything you want us to post to help you plan for your families summer break below!