Spring is amongst us people! No literally, it really is… it just ACTUALLY started this past Monday! Woohoo! So you know what that means? I’ve officially gotta start the jump on my Spring cleaning to get rid of the old and make way for the NEW (which involves everything from florals, to crop tops, bodysuits and everything else that yells SPRING.)

I feel like Spring is totally my season because it’s the time I can, without a doubt, bring out my most colorful ways (well… I kinda do that regardless of whatever season we’re in… but at least with Spring it’s most socially acceptable!).

So for today’s post, I wanted to talk about what my five MUST-HAVES are for this fabulously bright season so that we all together can live colorfully (and fashionably).

TREND 1: Metallic Lips

So I just got this AMAZING mailer from M.A.C. Cosmetics that was ALL about their new Metallic Lip set that they’ve just launched. To me, any type of colored lipstick is already automatically a win and favorite in my book. But the fact that this new line is METALLIC on top of it makes me feel like all of my unicorn dreams are instantly becoming more and more true—and attainable.

TREND 2: Stripin’ It

A major trend for Spring 2017 that was seen on the runways this past February was STRIPES! From the iconic seaside nautical ones that we’ve all grown to love to this crazy color-filled one from Ellie Saab, stripin’ it in all different shapes and sizes is going to be the major-est trend this Spring. A similar fun and beautiful dress to this Ellie Saab one can be found on one of my favorite go-to online shops, ASOS.

TREND 3: Colored Hair

If there’s a time to go bold with your hair, it’s definitely for this Spring time. I just recently made the switch from blonde to Blood Orange in January which Allure Magazine even wrote an article about saying it’s going to be one of the hottest trends of the year. But going FULL ON color is always to me, a must for the Spring. Why not have fun with your hair for a second when you can?! From temporary die and hair chalk to something more permanent like what I did below last year with Pravana, this is the time to embrace your inner rainbow child.

TREND 4: Ombre Colored Spectacles

I may be a little biased since I do love color SO much, but I have been seeing ombre sunglasses has a huge style and trend on so many websites and in so many stores. Thinking they’re so perfect for the Spring to even be that little pop of color to any simple outfit, one of my favorite fun and CHEAP (bonus!) eyewear brands that I always get the most compliments on, zeroUV, have an array amazing colorful specs that you can choose from.

TREND 5: Flatform Sneakers

It seems like all the trends from the 90’s are slowly creeping back up on us and making HUGE comebacks these days from the plaid skirts to chokers to now (what I believe the Spice Girls made on SUPER trend)—the Flatform Sneakers. And who doesn’t love a trend that allows you to be fun, stylish, AND comfortable all at the same time?! I feel like Gucci was one of the first to help bring these back in a colorful way a few months ago with this image that I posted on my Instagram, but you too can now be a part of the Flatform Sneaker movement for a much less price point with this amazingly fun and similar copy from Forever 21.

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