Now-a-days it feels like blogs are popping up everywhere. Here at Bottle and Heels we feel ourselves constantly hearing about new blogs and we are loving all the new material that is being put out into the world by our fellow bloggers.

Even with all the new and fun content that is out there today we find ourselves continuously going back to certain blogs that have stood out to us for many years. We wanted to put together a list of our favorite blogs currently so you have a chance to check out what they’re creating and the stories they are putting out there for you!


1. Lee From America

Lee Tilghman comes from a long line of chefs so it’s no wonder that her passion for food is one that everyone is reaping the benefits of. Her blog is full of tips and tricks for your diet, such as going caffeine free, she has amazing recipes that will make your mouth water just from looking at the images, and she provides a community that is supportive and helpful when it comes to you and your body’s health. This is one blog you definitely want to sign up for.

2. Emily Henderson

Don’t even get us started on how much love we have for Em Henderson and her amazing design blog. She is killing it with the content that she creates for you guys. If you haven’t checked out her work yet you are missing out on some serious interior design inspiration. We find ourselves perusing her blog daily and are constantly talking about how everything she does is perfection. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog today!

3. Studio DIY!

If you love DIY projects than this is one blog that is a MUST follow. Kelly Mindell is the queen of DIY. She does everything from DIY jewelry, to stationary, to glitter chocolate (yeah…you did not read that wrong). Also, her blog is so colorful you can’t help but smile when you look at the material on her page.

*Bonus her and her husband, Jeff, just adopted the sweetest little baby, Arlo. They tell you all about their journey with adoption and how little Arlo came into their lives. It is the most precious story, you will definitely need to check it out.

4. Li Chi Pan

This is a travel blog win. Li-Chi Pan is a South-African born Australian and the content that she creates for her follows is so gorgeous you will almost drool (and if you do drool, you’re not alone, we do too). The images that she captures from her travels around the world are absolutely stunning to look at. She will inspire you to get out and see all that this world has to offer us.

5. Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen is our go to for healthy recipes that the are pure, natural, and something the entire family will love. She doesn’t limit herself to one particular “diet” or “food trend” she just consumes a lot of produce and in turn encourages others to do so as well. You can find recipes for anything on her blog; appetizers, breads, soups, chocolate, baby foods, whatever your heart desires she is there to help deliver a memorable meal for the whole family.

6. In Honor of Design


This is yet another design blog that we can’t get enough of! Anna Liesemeyer is another design goddess that we follow regularly. We love this blog because she keeps everything open and honest. Along with being a designer, she is also the mother of five kids and brings insight to what life is like with a big family and running your own blog. She keeps herself transparent with her followers and her stories will uplift and inspire you to set out to achieve all of your biggest dreams!


All images are from the original blog sites.