Christmas looks a tad different these last few years! With a five year old daughter and one on the way, gone are the days of last minute trips and unplanned days. But as a parent what you lose in spontaneity you gain in beautiful memories and traditions passed down from the generations before you to your children. This Christmas has been especially transformative for our family. Phoenix is at the age where she really understands the meaning of Christmas and her enthusiasm around the holidays and it’s traditions are truly infectious.

For our family, time and keeping organized always makes our holiday traditions run smoothly. I’m SO grateful that I discovered one of my favorite brands Tile. Which keeps track of everything that we desperately need so that I am not spending hours being useless  and unproductive searching for all my necessities. I am able to focus on what matters. These are some of the things we like to experience as a family.

1- Advent Calendars. As a little child I can always remember dissolving that miniature piece of  creamy chocolate shaped in a Christmas ornament in my mouth. Feverishly fumbling to find each number which correlated with the date. Each little opened window indicating I was close to the big day!

2- Christmas Music. Oh Mariah, how you were my jam! The memories of dressing up performing for my parents singing off tune at the top of my lungs to Mariah Carrey’s “All I want for Christmas” gives me goosebumps. Phoenix and I have been blasting the good old cheesy music for a month!

3- Picking out a Christmas Tree. Every year we love to go and pick out a tree that we can bring home and love. We have no decorating “style” when it comes to the tree. Anything goes!!

4- Throwing a pre Christmas party. Gone are the adult parties until 1am. Nowadays we include all the kids and get everyone to bring one dish. It’s so wonderful to bring the community together and is always a noisy good time!

See below for all pictures about how we keep organized with tile in our holiday time and be sure to mention all your families traditions too!!

Happy Holidays

Tammin xoxo