I think we all can appreciate how awesome this little pizza box oven is. What’s not to love?! Disguised as an actual pizza box your guests will definitely mistake this contraption to be the real deal. Eventually when they realize what it actually is they’ll be so jealous that they don’t have one. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. So ahead of your time! This is now a must have on my list of things that I need for my kitchen!

The Cuizen Pizza Box Oven cooks both fresh AND frozen pizzas (score!) that are 12 inches and under. The temperature can get up to 525° Fahrenheit. It has a rotating bottom plate that spins to ensure the whole pizza cooks evenly. It only weighs 8 pounds and is 16.8 x 13.4 x 4.8 inches, you know what that means? It’s small enough to bring to work. Talk about upping your lunch break game. You won’t even have to leave your desk to make yourself pizza. I NEED IT.

Let’s talk about how your kids will think you are the coolest of the cool if you had this little device sitting on your kitchen counter. You can’t go wrong.

pizza-box-oven-1 pizza-box-oven-2


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