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Pure living. What does that even mean? And what do we do to achieve it?

To live purely for me and our family, it means to live simply and unclouded and honestly. It is to get back to basics. To get down to the core and let go of anything external or internal that doesn’t serve us. It applies so much to everything that we do together and for us has absolutely given us a better, happier and more fulfilled life. Below are examples of a few things that we do in our home that helps us live purely.

1) When our daughter Phoenix is having a hard day and not acting the most appropriately, instead of adding more fuel to the fire by matching her intensity, we get down to her eye level and talk to her. We have found it to be such an incredible way to discipline by actually explaining to her what is happening and why we don’t approve. Try this one time. When they get louder, you get quieter. It is like magic!

2) Phoenix and I make green juice every morning. It is such a fun activity that gets her learning about health at an early age. We add one apple and voila, it goes down so smoothly.

3) We have also changed our entire life when it comes to the products we use. We make sure we buy products that are good for us and our lifestyle. As a messy toddler, we are always cleaning Phoenix, whether it’s her hands or face or after she uses the restroom. We have been using and loving WaterWipes for Phoenix and her sensitive skin. WaterWipes are the World’s Purest Baby Wipes, and are made using 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. They were also awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association and are suitable right from birth. We want to make sure the products we use on Phoenix, and as a family, are as pure as the pure love between all of us. We’re so excited about the future in regard to how we take care of our children purely.

4) We don’t over buy toys. We want Phoenix to learn the value of things and that it is not always easy to earn them. We have a board of stars that she earns for good behavior. When she reaches 50 stars, she can choose one toy. She loves the challenge.

Moving back to basics and living a life that is pure and honest has definitely made us feel better and be better. What are some ways you and your family have changed for the better?

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