Today on the blog we interviewed one of our favorite people, Sheridyn Fisher! Sheridyn is a nutritional advisor and yoga enthusiast. She recently wrote a book titled, Plant Based Life, that you can preorder here. With over 730K followers she uses her platform to teach others how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Tell us about your road to being vegan and how it’s changed your life.

It has been one of the most incredible journeys of self discovery and such a beautiful transition that has really helped me in so many ways. From expanding my consciousness, improving my health, overall wellness and has lead me to study Advanced Nutrition and Plant Based Nutrition and write my first book. I look back now and see that becoming vegan was the pivotal point to positive change in my journey here, and it has helped me to see the world from other perspectives, not just my own, and learn more about who I really am and what is important to me.

Do you find it hard being vegan while travelling?

Travelling Australia is easy enough to find good vegan food,  however I am currently in Europe (writing this interview from Paris to be precise) and Europe has been a little bit more of a challenge and especially when I have been traveling with non – vegans. I have learnt that I am a little “high maintenance” when it comes to food and don’t like to eat junk, I need healthy, hearty meals and sometime they can be hard to find here without dairy or eggs. I have been using the Happy Cow app and looking up Vegan places close by which helps and their is more and more popping up. You do have to plan ahead however.

How do you deal with the naysayers who say kids shouldn’t be vegan?

First I listen to their concerns to find out what they are actually worried about when it comes to my choice to be vegan. Then, I use my knowledge and education from all I have study in my Advanced Diploma courses and own research to help them understand and bring light to the common misconceptions around veganism. I explain how I live my lifestyle and what River eats to assure them that he is getting his adequate intake of Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Protein, Fats and where he gets his Vitamin B12. In many cases its great just to have a conversation with people about it to help them understand and in many cases they leave inspired to incorporate healthy options in their own lives.

You have a massive following. Why do you think people love following your feed?

I think the reasons have changed over the years, I used to model a lot in my younger years and share my adventures and I think people enjoyed following that, now I am a mum and business woman and share my love for photography, Eco fashion, plant based living and spirituality my demographic of followers has changed and I am loving it. I feel like I have really found myself and who I always wanted to be and I love connecting with like – hearted people through those platforms.

Is social media always easy? Sometimes do you feel like it gets too much?

It can get a little overwhelming these days and unrealistic. I love it because I can be used for beautiful things like sharing positive messages and inspiring people. However their is also the flip side to that where it can also be very fake, bitter and negative. But we all have the choice of how we use it and what motivates us to use social media. For me, I love to share my passion for Plant Based living and my spiritual side, I have found being our true selves inspires others to live theirs.

What advice can you give people who want to turn their social media into a business?

Stick at it and have a plan of how to make it work for your product. Put effort into it and make it fun and appealing for your customers. Create exciting and relevant content to share and engage with your customers. Don’t give up even if it’s growing slowly. Everything takes time.

What’s the greatest advice you have ever been given?

To listen to my heart, always. That if I am ever unsure, listen to my heart.

What is your greatest regret?

Listening to others opinions of me and allowing them to effect me. It took me a long time to find that self confidence. Never let anyone else let you feel anything less that you truly are.

What gets you up in the morning?

RIVER! Literally. he he he most days at 5am. River is my biggest inspiration and what drives me to lead by example and be the best I can. They learn so much from how we act, what we do and I always have that in mind. I am writing my book “Plant based Life” for him, in hopes to create a better future for him, one that is more sustainable, eco friendly as I always think about his world he will live in when I am not here, and how we must change our current ways to preserve their future. If my book can inspire others to eat more sustainable and kinder, I will do whatever I can to help create that future.

Tell us about your amazing cookbook.

What was the inspiration behind it?  Plant Based Life is a book I have been working on now for over 4 years, I has all my favourite vegan recipes which i have taken all of the photos for, it also has information on Mindfullness, Eating Mindfully, self love and nutritional information to be aware of when transitioning to a plant based life. Where to get your essential Nutrients as a vegan and more! I am almost finished my studies and book and plan to release it in December!

What makes a marriage work?

My husband Kyle and I have known each other since we were 12 years old, been together for 13 years and married for almost 4 years and the thing I have found in my relationship is it is important to grow together, to meet half way and to always think of the other person. To be kind and always treat them as your number one in the world. That having a good friendship is a part of having a good relationship, to be their for each other and to always be able to talk to one another.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself and my family on our own little farm, living off the land and maybe more childrenI would love to continue studying and make Plant Based Life into an educational platform and even restaurants in the future. To be a strong voice for the voiceless, for our Planet and to help inspire others to live more sustainable.