As with any title or annotation in the pop-culture lexicon, a name can instantly conjure a feeling or communicate a message with distinct resonation. And the moniker, “Stepford Wives” does just that. Immediately, one conceives images of buttoned up, picture perfect women, living ala the “better half”, cookie-cutter even, all attempting to one-up each other with their impeccably bleached-blond hair, charity events, country-club culture and stair-step Aryan children. And while as a community, we inherently understand there is much brewing beneath the surface – a façade, on the brink of collapse – we rarely get the opportunity to see the manifestation of those definitions. The following series attempts to juxtapose the beautiful and the ugly, the perfect and imperfect, the balanced and unbalanced. It takes the sheen and unhinges it. It peels back the socio-veneer and gives us an inner glimpse in to individual and setting, who in a desperate attempt to project perfection, show us that authenticity eventually reveals pain, suffering and flaw. And in holding a mirror to the subject, we in a sense, as the viewer, become a participant in the perpetuation, forcing us to reflect on our own sense of self and its impact on the society around us.

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