Fashion week is quite the enigma. Weeks of women and men walking down the runway clothed in someones idea. A sketch that’s become reality. Granted fashion doesn’t end wars or save hungry children but it does speak to the power of imagination. It gives us the chance to express who we are before we speak. I haven’t been to many fashion shows in my lifetime but of the few that I have, what always interested me was what the models wore on their off time. In a fashion show models are placed as pieces on the chess board all playing their role for the bigger picture. Off the runway they have freedom of expression. That’s where i think the unexpected fashion magic happens. See for yourself….
Paris moc S16 116

Paris moc S16 096 Paris moc S16 108 Paris moc S16 111Paris moc S16 087Paris moc S16 140 Paris moc S16 133 Paris moc S16 129

Paris moc S16 094