I don’t know about you but I have so many Christmas decorations and while my collection just keeps getting bigger, my tree doesn’t. Some of them just don’t get to make an appearance at all.

If you are dreaming of a Christmas craft or have a flair for repurposing you’ll want to grab a couple overflow ornaments and check out this simple DIY Christmas stocking–it’s the perfect way to create a new Christmas stocking with some old Christmas decor.

Materials You Need:

-simple stocking (I snagged this one at target for $4.99)
-extra ornament
-handfull of small basic filler ornaments like these balls
-safety pins
-paper clips
-chip board letter (if you want to monogram)

How to Make:

1 – Firstly, take your ribbon and secure it to a safety pin and hook to the interior of the stocking (or underneath the fold) and drape down the side. I used these two decorative ribbons that were scraps from previous projects.

2 – Next, take your mini ornaments and hook them on a paper clip (I use paperclips as much as I can to justify buying all my cute office supplies!)

3 – Attach with a safety pin and weave a little tinsel in the clip then attach to the stocking with the ribbon tucked in as well. Repeat until you get to the top roll of the stocking.

4 – Lastly, along with a bow and chipboard letter, attach ornaments with a safety pin to top of the stocking…time to hang on the mantle!