Eating is something we do to survive, but it doesn’t mean we should not enjoy every bite that crosses our lips.

For travelers, eating is a way that they can explore a new place. Through our taste buds there is an opportunity to experience the culture, traditions, and regularly used ingredients a country or city has been using for decades if not centuries.

Morocco has delicious traditional cuisine, and the country is home to a number of delicious restaurants and cafés serving up both traditional and international food.

If you are traveling to the African country any time soon, and would like some ideas of things to do in Morocco, you could start by exploring some of the cities through your stomach.

No idea where to go? We have put together a short guide of three of Morocco’s most popular restaurants:

Morjana – El Jadida


Located at Mazagan Beach Resort on the first floor of the Grand Riad, Morjana is decorated with beautiful traditional décor and warm, welcoming colors.

Diners will be able to explore the Arabian region from the comfort of their table through a blend of tradition and innovation that shine through in both their cuisine and their presentation.

On the menus, you can expect to choose from famous tagines and seafood pastillas, couscous and tender kebabs, and, to finish off your meal, there are delicious pastries and sweet treats.

Every dish is made with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables paired with fragrant spices that accompany the dishes that come from various regions of the country.

What’s more, the restaurant provides diners with an oriental touch that includes belly dancers and a live band.

Dar El Yacout – Marrakech


If you like fine dining in style, Dar El Yacout is the place you want to book a table at. Diners can start their evening with a cold drink or two on the roof while nibbling on an appetizer or two.

The dining room is grand, and includes a glass wall that looks out onto the clear and glittering pool and the spacious courtyard.

Guests will be seated around a great banquet table, of which a wide variety of food will be placed in front of you allowing each diner to tuck into each dish.

While everyone is indulging in the delicious food, traditional Moroccan music will be played in the background.

La Maison Bleue – Fes


If you want to go full-blown traditional food, La Maison Bleue is the place to be. Serving up everything from fluffy couscous to sheep brains, Fasis Salads to Pastilla, there is a pre fixed menu or the choice to order off the a la carte menu.

The restaurant has beautiful vaulted, tall ceilings and walls decorated by zellij tiles, it is a romantic restaurant that is ideal for couples who are looking for a romantic spot to spend some time together.

Delve into the delicious traditional cuisine Morocco has to offer during your trip to the magical country. Try everything once, even the ones you might think you won’t enjoy, and try as many things as you possibly can!

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