Valentine’s Day is coming up and, I for one, have the hardest time figuring out how I want to celebrate. It’s not my husband and I’s favorite holiday, often times we let the day fall to the wayside, but it’s still a day dedicated to celebrating LOVE and because of that I am making an effort this year to do something special.

Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with for a fun and unique date night – whether that date is with your special someone, your best friend, or your kids.


1. Take a cooking class. 

I love this idea. Last year I bought a cooking class for my best friend’s birthday and we had the greatest time together. It is such a fun environment, a great way to meet new people, and by the end of it the two of you have made a meal together that is guaranteed to be delicious. In my opinion, there’s no better way to celebrate love than by making something together.

*Bonus: You can usually save some $$ by searching for discounts on Groupon. Gotta love finding good deals!

2. Be a tourist in your own city. 

This one is hands down one of my most favorite ideas. Spend the day seeing what it’s like to be a tourist in your own city together. Hop on the tour bus, find yourself at the Santa Monica pier, take pictures in front of all the monuments, whatever it is that your city has to offer – go explore it!

3. Spend a day completing bucket list items. 

Take turns writing down 3 or 4 things that are on each of your bucket lists. Always wanted to go bungee jumping? Now you have someone to do it with! Been dying to eat at one of those restaurants where they blind fold you? You know where you’re going for dinner! On the fence about whether or not you should get a tattoo? Someone will be there to hold your hand through it today! The only rule is – once it’s written down you can’t stop until you both have finished your list!

4. Go on a geocaching hunt. 

Don’t know what geocaching is? Let me introduce you to the greatest scavenger hunt the internet has ever created. This idea is perfect when you’re trying to find a way to celebrate with the entire family. Load up the car, enter your information on the geocaching website and boom! You’ve got it figured out. End the hunt with ice cream at your favorite ice cream shop and everyone will go to bed with a smile on their face.

5. Goodwill Hunting. (See what I did there.)

Take your date to a Goodwill store and set your budget. For example, each of you gets $10 to buy an outfit for the other person to wear to dinner. Once the outfit is bought the other person HAS to wear it out for the rest of your evening’s activities; dinner, movie, roller skating, etc. The key to this date is to just have fun. Laugh at yourselves, laugh at each other, and have a blast!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 date night ideas! Think I left something out that would be just as fun? Comment below your favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!