Allow your heart to rest at ease with this amazing new watch designed specifically to keep your kids safe. Filip has designed a watch, available in a wide range of bright colors, that is linked to an app downloaded on your smart phone that allows you to know where your children are at all times. You no longer have to worry about your child misplacing their phone, getting their phone wet, or letting their phone die (this happens more than you’d realize to the 9-year-old that I nanny) leaving it useless to you. Because this is worn on their wrist there is a much smaller chance of them misplacing it since they never actually set it down. Bonus, it’s very durable as well. It has IP63 water resistance as well so it can withstand the most rugged child’s play.

It’s simple to use. You just download the app onto your phone (iOS or Android) and then link it to the watch. Once set up you are able to see your child’s location at all times and you can even set it to provide alerts when your child is anywhere outside your designated safe zones. I think one of my favorite features is that you can also send messages to their watch as well as talk to them over AT&T’s network. The watch can store up to five different phone numbers which children can call directly from their wrist.

The device comes with an emergency button that, once pressed, sends an alert to every number stored in the watch. It will also start recording ambient sound and calling the numbers one by one until someone answers so you can hear exactly what’s going on in case your child is every in an emergency situation.

This is an amazing investment in your child’s safety.

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