I went on a trip this year to visit the Johnson and Johnson’s headquarters in NYC. I was giddy when I received the call. I knew Johnson and Johnson’s well. My Dad had worked for them when I was a young lass and they were the reason my father had made enough income to buy our first home. It felt like nostalgia. In a way, I was going home. Before arriving in NYC, I had the impression I was going to hear and observe information I already knew. Mainly about baby and beauty products. Wow, was I wrong.
Not only did I realize I knew nothing about the majority of what J and J does, I also realized that many other people I knew did not know either For a start, J&J owns some of my favorite brands that are vital to my life. Band-Aid anyone? Not only that, they have been on the forefront of science, innovation, and wellbeing since it’s inception 130 years ago.
Since having children, and being a career driven women, I was most impressed about how J&J have supported, fostered and nurtured women’s dreams, ideas and career goals from the day they launched in 1886 with 14 employees; eight of them women.
In 1894, to make birth less dangerous, J&J invented the Maternity Kit that had sterile medical supplies that saved moms and babies lives.
When the U.S entered WW1 in 1917, Many men volunteered for duty. Women stepped in and kept Johnson & Johnson running. Johnson and Johnsons developed family planning methods to help women have more control over their careers and lives.
And still today, across the world, they are providing women in underserved communities with medical care and education. They are working with Baby Centre, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, to create a world of healthy pregnancies, thriving children and confident parenting across the globe. Being a mother, this struck me to my core. Being a new mum is hard enough, even with help and access to the best medical facilities and recourses. I couldn’t even fathom what it would be like to not know if your child would live or die due to lack of information.
Where you live should not determine if you live. In the world’s poorest countries the odds aren’t in the favor of babies living to one month. That’s shocking and devastating to hear. Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) was developed 8 years ago with Baby Centre, J & J and the United Nations Foundation.
They have been able to help mothers and babies have a healthy start at life by delivering vital educational resources and information via mobile messaging.
They provide content via SMS and voice calls and have reached more than 31 million women in low-resource settings across 45 countries, creating more than 5,300 messages.

When my trip ended, I left feeling incredibly inspired, informed and wanting to spread the word. If more companies were spending time on the health and wellbeing of women and children we would be in a much more hopeful and healthier place.